School of life - it is the school where everybody can study and is studying.

To become part of this community of school of life you simply need to register and to begin learning whatever you like and to write here about what you have studied. This information is needed to certify that you are the member of our community i.e. the student of our school. Also remember that all articles written by you can be used by another student of school in his process of study.

Life is studying, studying is life. Life is play and every play can teach you something. Life is book, by reading, writing or rewriting which, anybody of us is learning something. Life propose many possibilites for play and learning, each of us chooses according to himself. This site - is only one of them.

To involve in local school of life you simply need to register and begin to learn what you choose. If you want to say something to other people - make notes, but remember, that your learning is your learning, your notes - is your notes, they can be not approved in eyes of other. So, do not wonder, when you, for example, is studying languages, mathematics and programming, take interest in yoga and psychology, and your neighbour in the same time is trying to understand something in religion and law of God. This is life, everybody is learning his own, everybody has his own learning. May be, when you will begin to learn new courses, you will exchange the roles. This site is beautiful possibility to get acquainted with things, which other people are studying in the school of life and maybe to learn something, and to share your vision, your thoughts and your experience with other people.

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